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Johannes Rudloff Johannes Rudloff Johannes Rudloff Johannes Rudloff Johannes Rudloff Johannes Rudloff
Family Secrets, Installation, Photography, Glass, 2019-21

Family Secrets (Familiengeheimnisse) is about fragments, repetition and deformations of memory. An old photo album of the artist's grandmother forms the starting point for a series of printed glass panes and further glass objects.
When isolated and enlarged the historical photographs are snatched away from their private enviroments and become dependent on the mercy of the viewer's curiosity. The use of window glass emphasises the voyeuristic moment while intimacy is limited by the motif's secrecy and emotional repression. The image may be visible, but the secrets stay uncovered. Through the playful use of the transparent material the photographic prints gain a spatial depth of sculptural quality, both in detail and in their overall appearance.
‚Familiengeheimnisse‘ questions the concept of identity and authenticity. At the same time the act of inquiring disembodiment betrays the need to come to terms with the wealth of social developments and the partly traumatic events associated with them. Finally the work is also inspired by an examination of memory loss and the still very unexplored forms of age-related dementia.